Pastor Kern – Church Accessibility Improvements

Reverend Jonathan Kern

Dear Church Family,

For most of you, Thanksgiving is still
a bit far off, but, for the context of this
issue of the newsletter, Thanksgiving is certainly on my mind.

Looking back on this year, our church has much to be thankful for. As of the time of writing this article, we have every reason to believe that our elevator will be installed and operational and our new front drive poured by the time the holiday season is upon us! Considering we started this journey of accessibility in January of 2018, its completion has been long-anticipated. It’s hard to believe that this could be the last series of updates on these projects!

The elevator shaft is almost finished, and we have been told that the elevator manufacturer will be installing everything on October 14-24. Once installed, the contractor will come back to finish everything up and schedule inspections. We have just $65,000 left to raise of our original goal.

Also on October 14, work will begin on our front drive and parking lot upgrade. In addition to the front drive, we will be replacing the crumbling parking lot between the offices and parsonage with fresh asphalt, as well as applying a new sealing layer to the parking lot in the back. We are also adding lighting to the back parking lot to increase visibility and security during evening events. We are still working out the details on how the flow of traffic will work with parking and the front drive, but there will be sufficient signage to keep everything working smoothly.

All of this work with the front drive and parking lot upgrade was made possible by the generous gift of $150,000 from the Immanuel Lutheran School Foundation. You can read more about those details on page 10 of this issue. We are thankful for the generations of gifts that are now paving the way (literally!) for our church’s future, as well as all of the individuals who faithfully stewarded those gifts all of these years.

At our last voters meeting, we announced that Pikes Peak Academy was planning on launching a new middle school in our vacant school building. Since that time, their plan has evolved into something much larger in scope

In January, Pikes Peak Academy will be relocating its high school into that space instead. Our vacant building will once again be filled with life and learning, as 30-40 students are mentored and loved and given the hope of the Gospel. Three days a week, the students will gather in our Fellowship Hall for lunch, providing much opportunity for us to build a relationship with the students and staff.

The new principal, Tim Scott, shared with me that the staff has made multiple trips to explore our building and dream about how the space can be used. They have prayed together as they walked the halls and inscribed verses of scripture on the walls before the walls are repainted. Floors will be updated and other improvements made as they adjust to the new space. Rest assured that our building will be loved and maintained just as it once was. Please continue to pray for the ministry of Pikes Peak Academy, and for the opportunities that Immanuel will have to love and serve our new neighbors.

I am still looking for a volunteer who can take over the publishing work of this newsletter. Please prayerfully consider how you might get involved. In the mean time, you may notice some changes to the format and content of the newsletter, as I continue to explore ways to disseminate pertinent information in a timely manner to our community. For example, you will notice that a worship assistant schedule is not included in this issue. A schedule will be sent to those who are slotted to serve each month.

The Lord be with you all!

Pastor Kern