Pastor Kern – Great Stories!

Reverend Jonathan Kern

Dear Church Family,

Dear Church Family,

We have much to look forward to this summer!

Our Summer Sunday school kicks off in June, and we are trying something new this year. We always give our Sunday school volunteers a rest during the summer months. Rather than going through the process of lining up volunteers to work with the kids each week, I thought it would be a great opportunity for adults and kids to join together for a multigenerational Sunday school class in the Fellowship Hall. This summer, adults and kids alike are going to the movies, as we screen two popular films. When people gather around well-told stories, there are great opportunities to celebrate how these well-told stories reflect the greater story we are a part of. We connect with great stories because we live in a great story! Join us on Sunday mornings following the time of Fellowship as we start with the movie, Mary Poppins Returns!

On June 24, Our church is hosting an exciting Miraculous Mission Vacation Bible School this summer. It will be a great time for kids to grow in faith as they explore God’s Word.We pray that Miraculous Mission gives us opportunities to introduce children and their families to Christ and our church. We hope to help our own children grow in their faith in Jesus while reaching out to children in our neighborhood.

You can help make this happen by providing support in one or more of these ways:

• Pray for our volunteers and the children and families who participate.
• Enroll your children or grandchildren in Miraculous Mission and invite friends and neighbors too.
• Volunteer to help. There are many jobs, even if you can’t be here during VBS week.
• Donate supplies to offset expenses. Watch church publications to see how you can help.

Thank you for your continued support of Christian education and outreach at our church.

With all of our permits granted and pulled, our new construction projects ready to go! By summer’s end, the church building should finally have the exciting new features for greater accessibility that we have been patiently waiting for.

At our last voters meeting, we announced a new partnership with Pikes Peak Academy. The directors of this school approached us with an idea to launch a new middle school using our vacant school building. Their Board is still in the process of looking for lead administrators for the new middle school. The director of Pikes Peak Academy, Mark Becker, asked for our church to support them in two ways: offer any names of candidates that might be qualified and willing to start something new and pray for their continued search for the right people for the job.

For those of you who are planning exciting journeys this summer, we pray that the Lord will keep you safe in your travels!

The Lord be with you all,

Pastor Kern