Pastor’s Message – Elevator Coming Soon!

Reverend Jonathan Kern

Dear Church Family,

A briskness in the air. Pumpkin everything. Harvest. Football! That’s my list of things I’m excited about as Fall draws near. What’s on your list? What I appreciate most about the changing seasons since moving to Colorado is a greater sense of the rhythm God has put in place for His creation, rhythm that proclaims his gracious love for us. Hebrews 13:8 says, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” As the leaves begin to change and fall, we rejoice in and give thanks to a God who never changes and provides for all of our needs.

Since our last newsletter two months ago, there are a number of updates to share with you on various fronts.
Many of you have asked about the elevator progress, as not much has appeared to change since we launched this project back in May. We are still in the “behind-the-scenes” stage, where the architect is finalizing his drawings. The elevator manufacturer has begun the fabrication work on our elevator and plans to deliver the assembled structure in early December. As for progress on fundraising, we have reached 25% of our goal of $170,000. Thank you to all who have contributed to this! I would like to reiterate that the elevator has NOT been paid for. We have money in savings that has allowed us to get things started, but the voted upon plan was to fundraise the full amount and replenish what was spent from savings.

Another project we have been working on behind the scenes is the transformation of the old Braille room into a new classroom for the younger kids. If you haven’t been down there to check it out, the room looks fantastic. Your Board of Trustees did a tremendous job!

At our last voters meeting, we discussed our plans to pursue a front drive that provided Pikes Peak Avenue access to the church. In conjunction with the elevator, these two projects would provide greater access to all of our facility. And with all of the construction going on in front of our church, the city provided an incredible opportunity for us to make this happen. We looked forward to discussing this next phase with you at our November voters meeting, so that you would have an opportunity to ask your questions or voice your concerns.

That said, we were just informed that construction is ahead of schedule, and they will be pouring the new curb and gutter on our side in October, four months ahead of schedule! We were shocked when we heard the news and have been scrambling to catch up, as the city needs to know where the curb cuts go. If the city has to come back to make the cuts after everything has been finished, it would cost the church tens of thousands of dollars. As soon as we can get drawings finalized, we will have a meeting to discuss those plans and all that this project entails.

In her stewardship article, Marilyn Grasz mentions an exciting opportunity we have to participate in mercy work, assembling meals for people who have no access to food. This ministry is in conjunction with Orphan Grain Train, and the meals prepared will be sent all over the world! You can see her article for more information.

The Lord be with you all!

Pastor Kern

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